halfway through a Graber i3 build one question.

(Jeremy G (WeisTek Engineering)) #1

halfway through a Graber i3 build one question. Gt2 or T5 belts and pulleys(how many teeth?)? or 90lbs tes? and how would i go about finding the steps per mm, and or links to a good spindle?


(Jeremy G (WeisTek Engineering)) #2

steps per mm for the braided line i mean.

(ThantiK) #3

Don’t use T-anything.

(Matt Kraemer) #4

What’s wrong with t6? I’ve heard great things about it’s non stretching. I have quite a bit coming in the mail to replace my stretchy gt2

(Jeremy G (WeisTek Engineering)) #5

what do you recomend @ThantiK ? i have t5 or what ever on my i2 and it has finaly stoped stretching ater a year or so.

(Joe Spanier) #6

T5 is a square tooth profile that can introduce backlash and cogging. Gt2 has a smooth round profile made to eliminate backlash and cogging in the motion.

(Ross Hendrickson) #7

I went from T5 and printed pulley to GT2 belt and AL pulleys, never looked back.

(Matej Rozman) #8

Went away from GT becaose of strech, T2.5 can achieve much beter quality and really no backslash problems. Just make sure you buy polyurerhane belt with steel cords (white one), black belts suck in T2.5 also.

(Bob Roth) #9

Watch the concentricity on your pulleys.