Guys, im looking to buy 2 (or maybe more) 300x300 and 300x200 hotbeds,

(Nicolas Arias) #1

Guys, im looking to buy 2 (or maybe more) 300x300 and 300x200 hotbeds, they can be silicon or the regular ones. They must be stocked on the US. My parents are over there now and they can mule then to me (argentina). All i can find is stocked on china and shipping times are no go.

(christophe malvasio) #2

what about making it yourself ?

(Nicolas Arias) #3

@christophe_malvasio , im thinking about it, is there any “good” info about it?, i dont wanna experiment too much i have little time to play.

(christophe malvasio) #4

i don’t have this info sorry :frowning:

(Miguel Sánchez) #5

I have used 0.33ohm/25W resistors without problems. I epoxied them to the bottom of a 3 or 4mm bed. Without knowing your voltage and desired power I cannot give you more clues. But it is definitely doable for larger beds.

(Ishaan Gov) #6

What shipping times are you looking for?

(Step Cia) #7

When I bought 200x200 silicone at amazon I came across 300x300. Shipping for mine was same day here in CA

(Nicolas Arias) #8

@Ishaan_Gov , 1 week top.

(Ishaan Gov) #9

@Nicolas_Arias , If I recall correctly, you might be able to get some custom heaters made on Alirubber for a reasonable price; you can give them your size, power, voltage, and whether you want adhesive backing or a thermistor integrated or not, and you should be able to get them within 7-11 days-ish

(Eric Pavey) #10

I recently picked one of these up:
Been working like a champ, and they’re located in Utah.

(Ishaan Gov) #11

Just remember to be safe with massive 12V heaters; @Eric_Pavey , that makerfarm heater should be wired with 14 AWG wire or larger to handle 20A safely

(Eric Pavey) #12

I wired it with 12 gauge directly to my power supply through a relay connected to my mainboard. Heats up in less than a minute. I have my printer hooked up through a “killawatt” so I can see the power usage: Yep, it draws quite a bit of current when kicked on.