Good stepper vibration dampers that do not introduce backlash ?

Good stepper vibration dampers that do not introduce backlash ?

Just installed some “Astrosyn” dampers and I have quite some backlash on my Y axis, printing noise improved, printing quality worsened…

Did you pack your bearings? Have you adjusted your current?

Don’t think that’s necessary. The printer was completed a few weeks ago, only printed a few parts with great quality, but I was trying to reduce the noise. I can feel the Y stepper turning in the mount by twisting the rubber on the damper (It’s a classic darwin style cartesian, so the Y axis stepper has to do a lot more work then the X axis) This introduces quite a lot of backlash. I can always remove the damper, just wanted to know if there are any other options to reduce stepper noise without introducing backlash.

You must have quite a bit of mass or drag, astrosyns usually don’t hurt print quality.

Only other really effective thing you can do is switch to quieter drivers. The finer the microstepping, the quieter the motors will be. You’ll need a 32bit board to really take advantage though.

Yeah, the mass is quite high and drag also, two shafts on 4 bearings, linear guide rails and PU belts with steel core. Well, I guess I will have to live with the noise, I had no issues with print quality. The controller is 32bit, but the drivers are 16 micro stepping only. Not that easy to add external drivers…

I have a Astrosyn knock-offs and it’s not given me noticeable backlash on my MendelMax 2, which I feel is a bit obnoxious on bed mass. But then, I have TSK linear ball rails.

My Y axis is moving the X gantry, size is also quite large, 350x350 build volume

OK, you might be exceeding the capacity of the isolators. As long as you’re sure you don’t have binding somewhere and you’ve checked all the belts and it’s still backlashing on you. I would then start looking at high microstep controllers.