Filament cooling fans:  I have a pair of 12V,

Filament cooling fans: I have a pair of 12V, .1A 40mm x10mm fans cooling the extruded PLA from my Volcano head. But I feel like it’s not enough CFM: Anyone have recommendations for something in the 40x10mm form factor that can push more air? I’ve found plenty online, but am looking for a first hand recommendation… The ones I bought didn’t list their cfm, but I’m guessing I need something greater than .1A…

@Eric_Pavey ​ Two fans should be plenty. Maybe you need to explore directing the airflow with a shroud of some sort.

My Mendel90 has a single 40mm fan with a shroud that encircles the hotend directing the air downwards. I have the fan on at full power when needed and it does the job fine.

Axial turbines, that is the way. The very same as the laptop use.

I use a 120mm fan to cool the entire bed, but it needs very precise temperature settings on a per-print basis, and only cools adequately on one side. I’m thinking about changing to a mendel90 style fan duct with a 60mm fan. I prefer larger fans due to the noise levels.

Thanks guys: This is my current setup:

It’s ducted pretty well. The fans are nice and quiet, but when I hold my hand near them, not much ‘oomph’ is coming out. I’ll research axial turbines and maybe just cooling the whole bed at once.

40mm “blower fan” from aliexpress.
I have two of these and I can’t set them at 100% as it tends to cool down the bed too much:P
Blower fans provide much better airflow, and there is no/less need for ducting.

In general, if fan has more blade, blow pressure increase. but noise also and air volume decrease.

There’s so many generic fans out there, and there’s no way to know what you have with the data you posted. I’m a fan of Orion fans. I get them from Mouser and Digikey. Sometimes ADDA and Delta lead the flow & pressure per given noise level in a given fan size.

yah, the ones I bought didn’t list anything at the time (as far as cfm ratings). And at the time I wasn’t really thinking about it. That’s why I’m looking for recommendations now :wink:
Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Understood. I had been using cheap unknown brands from China but they die quickly enough that once I got good at not breaking them I felt it’s worth paying a little more for a better fan.

So while going over new fans to get, it dawned on me: “Of course I need more powerful fans” : On my rep1, .4mm nozzle, 200 micron @ 90mm\sec, that’s extruding 7.2 mm3/sec of material at around 210 deg.

But with the Volcano, 1.0mm nozzle, 500 micron @ 45mm\sec, that extruding 22.5 mm3/sec of material at 250 deg (If I print any cooler the layers don’t like to stick well) : Nearly 3x as much material coming out, and at a hotter temp.

I’m not sure if this scales linearly, but I’d need at least 3-4x the airflow to keep the same cooling? Makes sense in my head… :wink: