Does anyone know what kind of gear this is?

Does anyone know what kind of gear this is?

I believe it is called a Maltese Cross mechanism. Also known as a Geneva Gear.

Thanks, that is the one. Also known as a Geneva Drive:

@Randy_Merrill ​​​ I recall them being used in German made Constanta Tea Bag manufacturing machines. They went out of production in the early 1930s but are still in widespread use today.

IIRC it translates rotary motion into an indexed movement.

When I was little I had a Remco Science Kit for mechanical motion. It included a Maltese Cross mechanism

We call it Geneva Wheel:

Wowww, The Maltese Cross mechanism…what memories!!!
I used this mechanism to a machine, that it crimping papers during 5 secons, in my first mechanical designer course, 20 years ago. What good memories.

I used one in

@Ruben_Dominguez_RDS How far back do your memories of this go? Mine date back to around 1979. :wink:

@Neil_Darlow I had two years old in 1979, jejeje
I should use it, because we only could use a mechanical mechanism to crimping paper during X time. I had a good qualification to all design.

Als die Bilder laufen lernten

Its called “Geneva cross”

The made out of v a strut real staell…