Does anyone know how I can fix prints coming out too small?

Does anyone know how I can fix prints coming out too small?

I have a RepRap machine that I started using after several months. When I print square objects like calibration cubes or recently calibration steps they dimensions are slightly smaller by around 0.2 to 0.3 mm on each step. I don’t want to adjust the steps/mm because those are perfect, I lined my caliper up with the axis and tested them.

Anyone got any ideas? Should I mess with the nozzle size, or maybe it’s a g-code line I added to the beginning to set the acceleration to 1500 rather than 3000.

You do need to calibrate your e-steps, nozzle hole diameter and filament size. I would always suggest double checking all calibrations. I would also suggest confirming that you are not missing steps in movement which would probable be noticeable, but is still possible. Good luck!

I measured the amount the bed and extruder moves by lining up my caliper with the steel rods and using the move function in reprap to make it move 100 mm and it goes to the correct position. How would I go about calibrating the nozzle? I’m using a 0.4 mm nozzle.

Try to make the extruder push 100mm of filament (prior to extrusion), measure the amount of filament pushed, use math to adjust and then retest. That is how I do it, at least.

Do not measure filament that was just melted and extruded. It should be the original 1.75 or 3mm filament and not the 0.4mm string that comes out of hot end.