Does anyone have any experience with filament from Voxel Factory, 3mm PLA in particular,

Does anyone have any experience with filament from Voxel Factory, 3mm PLA in particular, I’m looking at buying a triple pack of 1kg spools but I wanted to know if there was any catches with purchasing Filament from them, or if it was low quality in some way.
If anyone know of a cheaper source in Canada If you could state it, it would be immensely appreciated.

My only experience is with PLA and ABS from Voxel Factory. They organize workshop to build your own printer and that’s how I got mine. I cannot compare their PLA’s quality with any other, but so far did not have any major issue printing with it, filament width is pretty constant (but again, I’ve not comparison point).

Thank you @Pierre_Buyle , it seems that they have pretty good filament from what I’ve heard on the forums and by what you’ve said.

I haven’t had any problems with the spools I’ve bought from them, albeit 1.75mm not 3mm.

I’ve bought 3mm PLA from VoxelFactory for my Ultimaker. Pretty good customer service from François. A couple of things, however.

I was disappointed that the colours I ordered were translucent instead of solid. When I expressed this disappointment after receiving my order, he agreed with the fact that the description should be more clear. I don’t see the product descriptions updated yet. My order was in December. I might ping him about that again.

Also - one of the rolls of filament (glow in the dark blue) was unusable on the Ultimaker as the filament was bigger than 3.0mm. It wouldn’t fit through the bowden tube. To be fair, the filament diameter was within the stated tolerances on the site. However most other 3mm filament I’ve tried are VERY must closer to 2.89mm. Good customer service here though, I was offered a full refund! François couldn’t guarantee it wouldn’t happen again. He stated “supplier is adding better width control device and I hope this will fix it”. I totally get that. No problem there for me.

So, all and all a pleasant experience.

I’m noticing that I just have to adjust the heat up higher, and that (like you had said) the filament diameter is a little high.