Can someone please help me with what upgrades/settings I need to change with my

(Chad Dunham) #1

Can someone please help me with what upgrades/settings I need to change with my flash forge creator pro?

(Kevin Danger Powers) #2

Do you have a trash can near by? Problem solved. Lol. Jk. That looks like your temp is too high and you don’t have enough retraction. What material and temps are you running?

(MidnightVisions) #3

The vertical column in the far right is actually vertical, if it was too hot the column would not be vertical, so i’m thinking its not enough retraction there, but the flat areas with the waffle pattern tops look like not enough bridge support or infill underneath causes that.

(Johan Jakobsson) #4

Retraction and temp usually go hand in hand. Looks like you’ve got both stringing and some pillowing going on to which would suggest you’ve got the temp to high.
I’d suggest lowering the temp and raising retraction.
Use a piece dedicated for that calibration to save some time, for example this one;

(Chad Dunham) #5

I am using PLA. I was running it at 230c and 60c for the bed. I turned off the bed and lowered the extruder to 200c. And in the second one I raised the retraction from 1mm to 5mm.

(Johan Jakobsson) #6

Some PLA can be printed at below 190, other need 210 so it all depends.
Don’t think you need to turn off the heated bed though.
Second print looks a lot better, stringing is all gone. Does your printer use Bowden or direct extruder? 5mm seems very high if you have a direct but for a Bowden is quite normal (depending on how long the tube is)

(Kevin Danger Powers) #7

@Chad_Dunham Well for a reference, I run my PLA at 205 and my bed at 50. But like @Johan_Jakobsson said, it varies from spool to spool, color to color and sometimes even from the same company. Plus, your temp sensors could be slightly off so it’s hard to say what your ACTUAL temps are. Regardless, 230 for PLA is too high.