Building a  printer and was wonder which  Printer controller to buy.

(Vaughan Lundin) #1

Building a #Smartrapcore printer and was wonder which #3d Printer controller to buy. What board would you recommend ? @Michael_Scholtz
Using the Ramps 1.4 at the Moment on my #Mendel90

(Michael Scholtz) #2

I use ramps on my printers. Easy to find and if you break something you can swap the arduino or steppers individually. At some point something with more extruder drivers will be necessary. I also run them with display and sd card so they are standalone.

(Vaughan Lundin) #3

I must say that I have not found anything wrong with the Ramps at the moment. Ramps has not given any problems.

(Chris “Bigpaws” Chamberlain) #4

I used to use the RAMPS quite a bit, but I found something I like a LOT better!

(Michael Scholtz) #5

Looks like a nice board. Extra driver for extruder would be great. Haven’t seen them (or really looked for them) in south africa but id expect shipping them here would need vaseline.

(Vaughan Lundin) #6

Well with the Rand going down the drain, anything will be too expensive to import.