Are you supposed to be able to put the home position in any corner?

Are you supposed to be able to put the home position in any corner?
Sometimes they don’t like to play nice and i end up placing the endstops at a different corner than i had planed. For example on this bot i am building now. The Y is going in the correct direction and the endstop is in the position i want, but the X on the other hand i can get the home to go to to the spot i want but the direction is backwards. If i get the directions correct then the home is the wrong direction. You can’t just change directions in the firmware. What am i missing?

Y should always go positive towards the back. X should always go positive towards the right.

This is a standard in pretty much all mathematics and is standard in the 3D printing industry as well. 0,0 is front left. On Deltas, 0,0 is center. But positive is always to the right. And positive heading away from the front of the machine.

@ThantiK I had the Y going in the wrong direction. It is wanting to home in the LF corner. Is it possible to change that to the RR corner. I have tried everything i could change relating to this in configuration.h but was not successful.

Yeah, homing to the left front corner is 0,0. That would make moving Y positive move backwards (or up on an X/Y plot) and X move to the right.

If you wanted it to home to the right-rear, you change the direction it homes, and set those endstops as “max” endstops.

So change those to home to the max endstops, then swap the endstops to the RR, and plug them into the max endstops on your controller.

And then make sure you have all your bed dimensions, etc correct so you don’t overshoot.

@ThantiK I know that there are some designs (I’ve seen it on Printrbot and Solidoodle machines, and I believe the Felix as well, all of which I can only assume were built according to their instructions) that were set up to home to the back-right corner. I can see why they would want to do this, because it means that the extruder is out of the way of the platform when it is homed, but the correct way to do this would be to configure the firmware to home in the MAX direction rather than MIN. In all of the cases where I saw it, this was not the case, and the design had just reversed the directions of the motors and move the MIN endstops to the other ends (I’ve also seen it done on Cupcakes lacking endstops, presumably to make the direction of the jog controls in ReplicatorG match the motion of the moving platform, rather than the position of the stationary extruder relative to the platform). When this is done, it results in prints that look fine once they are removed from the platform, they’re just facing the wrong way during printing.

The directions are correct. The homing directions are correct. When i send a M119 it is showing open unless it close the switch then it shows triggered but the homing function is not working. You said plug them into the max endstops on my controller which is a RAMPS1.4. That would be just the standard endstop connections?

I think i may need to change my end stops from NC to NO