Anyone know or have build a good filtration system,

Anyone know or have build a good filtration system, abs fumes start to feel bad on my head

Carbon filters.

Vent your enclosure outside.

Is there any specific reason you’re printing ABS? I don’t print very much ABS at all anymore, I’ve switched to PETG mainly for structural prints. It’s much easier to print (significantly less warping/shrinkage) and has no discernible smell. Usually the same price per kg as well.

Regardless of what you’re printing, an enclosure that vents are outside is a good idea. PLA isn’t so bad, but particulate matter from 3d printing most plastics isn’t very good for you.

@Bart_Crijns I just want to clarify what you’re saying because some might find it a bit misleading. Yes the particulate from 3D printing can be harmful, but only in large amounts. Studies on the health impacts of the particulate have been inconclusive about whether the amount of particulate a 3D printer generates will actually produce harmful effects. And PLA is much safer than styrene based filaments like ABS or ASA. That being said, ventilation is never a bad idea.

@Adam_Steinmark I made the switch to PETG and its actually preatty good, the thing is i use to print a lot on ABS, actually i have like 6 kg left and i just want to get rid of it, and I have some desings that needs to be printed on ABS, thats mainly the issue. so yeah, a filtration system (i should have build one already i know, im lazy) its actually a must, just to avoid future health problems, just to be sure.