Anyone have and experience with the Azteeg pro X3?

(Matthew Del Rosso) #1

Anyone have and experience with the Azteeg pro X3? Its a rather expensive for an 8bit board, but unlike the X5 it has it has the ability to use up to 8 steppers, on 12 or 24v running good ole marlin. Compared to some of the other boards it may not be worth it, but it seems very straight forward and simple. Being a student, both are important to me. Along with that, what are good stepper drivers? preferably silent, not a lot of heat produced, or anything else you think that makes a good driver. Im fairly new to drivers, so a good explanation for why they are good/better than another suggestion would be appreciated. Also the difference between 12v and 24v as it pertains to the 3D printer. Thanks

(Kyle Taylor) #2

Might want to watch Tom’s video about Trinamic TMC2130 Stepper Drivers.

(ThantiK) #3

I used to have one of these - let a guy borrow it for robot arm control development, and then his project disappeared off the face of the planet. It worked great, honestly.

24v is nicer because you can run thinner wires, less wasted heat through the wires, and typically power supplies etc you’ll get more wattage out of them for the same price.

Just make sure you’re buying directly from and not some knockoff.

(Ben Malcheski) #4

I have an X3 Pro with a Viki2 display that I’m not using. I think I have some drivers for it too. I’m willing to sell them. It’s well made and works just fine but I upgraded to the Duet ecosystem.

(Matthew Del Rosso) #5

@Ben_Malcheski I’ll shoot you an email.

(Øystein Krog) #6

24v is better at high speeds.