Any tips for printing models with overhangs using ninjaflex?

Any tips for printing models with overhangs using ninjaflex?

For this project I wanted to make a custom cup-holder for my car that securely holds smaller drinks like Redbull cans, instead I kinda got a “Cup of Ramen Noodles”.

This print serves its purpose of preventing drink splashes but I would like to print overhangs better in the future.

My Simplify3D screenshot shows my travel movement and settings.

(Printed with Wanhao Duplicator i3 with Flexion Extruder, Model made in Blender)

Add a thinwalled cylinder in the middle which you can cut off (maybe with a distance of one layerheight). The cylinder should just touch the perimeters and then use print perimeters first.

@VolksTrieb ​ Sounds like a great solution for this and more ideas I thought I could not do.

@Aric_Norine ​ Thanks for the speed tip, I thought it was ridiculous this print took nearly 10hrs.

Two-part that baby! A bottom cap with a internal clip-ridge to hold them together seems easy to bang out.

@Jon_Gordon ​ Yep cutting in half is another great solution. Will try redesigning with the top in ABS and bottom in ninjaflex (like rubber seal) to keep the grip tight in car. Thanks