Any advice on how to make a good rod for my Rostock Max or

Any advice on how to make a good rod for my Rostock Max or where to get some? I do not feel like paying $24 for a set.

I heard the arrows from Walmart work… Never tried it myself

Ball bushings are designed to run on hardened shafts. Anything probably won’t work for long.

I have drill rod on my Rostock and it is scored up in places:( wish I had used hardened chrome stuff but $$

To clarify, you’re talking about the rostock max, which uses wheels on aluminum extrusion for the vertical movement (not linear bearings on rods) and these injection-molded plastic delta arms, right?

When you say “rods” to reprap folks, we naturally think of the things that linear bearings run on.

If I were you I would just buy them. At the end of the day with the time and trials youve done to make it work you will save your self time and time over by buying the proven design. If your wanting to design something new to design something new thats awesome, but if your trying to save, youll do better to just buy the right thing the first time. If this hobby has taught me anything its that.

Yeah, designing something new may result in saving others money when they use your design later, but it almost never saves you money up front.

I am referring to the rod arms that hold the effector.

I got and and I will probably have to get more screws and either nuts or a small amount of wood dowel to glue into the sturdy stakes.

The rod needed for a 5525 traxxas rod end ball joint is a bit small for the standard Rostock Max rod mounts.