About to get into 3d printing,

About to get into 3d printing, anyone know of a free easy to learn 3d software I could use with a3d printer when I get one?

Sketchup is easy to learn, autodesk 360 seems to be the most popular. I use freecad, which does a reasonable job.

I prefer fusion 360, if you want the power.

Awesome thanks, and with those I can pretty much get in make some stuff and when I get a printer be able to print that stuff :grinning:

Anything I would be able to use on a Chromebook?

Try Tinkercad and 123D Design. They are good starting programs. Fusion 360 is more advanced, when you’re ready for it. ^^

apparently sketchup released a version that’s browser-based, at http://my.sketchup.com, but be warned that in the past the free version of sketchup did not allow you to export files as stl’s (which you need for a slicer, which you also need to find once you’ve found a part creation program.) There are workarounds for getting sketchup’s native file converted to stl, but I don’t know if they work with the browser version.

Onshape offer a free version if you don’t mind all your designs being public. That works in a browser and is ideal for a Chromebook. OpenSCAD is a very different beast but many like it and can be made to run on a Chromebook, if you run something like crouton.

http://Onshape.com is a great in browser CAD program