3D Print File Repositories?

3D Print File Repositories?

Apart from the obvious (thingiverse) are there any major (or even minor) 3D print file repositories?

I did a search a few weeks ago and found 3-4, but my Google-Fu seems to have deserted me and I can’t find them now.

Thanks for your help…

http://www.3dmarvels.com/, http://www.3dvia.com/, http://grabcad.com/library, http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/, http://www.ponoko.com/showroom/product-plans/, http://www.turbosquid.com/ for a start…

Thanks @David_Brightbill are the sites that are primarily CAD sites useful? I may not be thinking this through but wouldn’t most of those be too complex? And it would be a lot of searching to find things that could usefully be replicated?

One of the problems with all the 3d object repositories is the lack of common metadata across the sites. As a result, discoverability is a bit limited. I hope that NISO will take on the job of standardizing metadata for printable objects.

Yes, I can certainly see the problem. Clearly not something that’s going to be solved quickly.

There is a set of metadata for discoverability in design at http://thingtracker.net/

That’s quite interesting…

I see that there are questions over scalability which was my immediate thought as I read the proposal. But possible solutions too.

New one I just saw that collects from others is http://www.yeggi.com.

yeggi !!!