1500 x 1500 R7 request for files

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@Mark_Leino — can you help @AlphaonetwoBravo with these files? I didn’t see them browsing through G+ so I’m not sure whether there are links that will come over with the import, so easier to just ask?

I have all the files from the download website but I don’t appear to be able to upload. This is a URL link to my Google Drive folder where I have the files (see below). Please let me know if it works.


Worked for me.

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@Eclsnowman Should these files be added as part of your github file collection for the community?

I didn’t know there was one but if there is then it seems like the best place for them.

@Gunnar_Power I think they are still being collected; I expect new repositories to show up at https://github.com/eclsnowman/ when he has a chance, but like my work importing from Google+ into Discourse it will probably take a while. :slight_smile:

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Did the guy that was making the R7 quit? His websites went dark.

Sadly for us, @Brandon_Satterfield closed up shop. In a gesture of great kindness, he is releasing all the IP to the community. @Eclsnowman, who did the original design work, will be assembling it into github repositories to share with the community the information required to self-source.



Wow…thats a bunch of files…can’t even imagine the hours put into developing the R7, enjoying mine every day. I didn’t see the R7 dust boot or clamp with magnet inserts…any chance you will be adding those files?

Thanks in advance!

Thank you Brandon!

Files are up now. Sorry for the delay. Life and work get in the way. But it is a complex model and I wanted to do it justice. The machine is a beast.

R7 CNC files are now out in GitHub. I will add additional drawings and exploded view drawings as time allows. But this should get a motivated maker going: