My friends, colleagues, makers. The time has come.

(Brandon Satterfield) #1

My friends, colleagues, makers. The time has come. A 5 year plan has ran its course. I am leaving the maker world for a bit transferring ownership of all communities, business etc…
I will dearly miss all of you and will check in from time to time. There are so many great memories of almost every person in this group, whether it be a late night call to help you get something going or seeing all the amazing concepts turned into reality.
A special thanks to +Eric Lien who I do not think the businesses would have been at the level they are now without his great advice and inspiration.
Eric I am transferring the R7 group to your control sir!.

1500 x 1500 R7 request for files
(Aaron Troxel) #2


(Nükprüf) #3

Well that sucks. I was just thinking about calling you and you posted this! Thanks for all your help I greatly appreciate it.

(Kevin McNally) #4

Brandon, thank you so much for the R7. It has changed my life.
Best wishes on your next plan.

(Colin Kaminski) #5

Thank you Brandon! Our loss is Siemens gain.

(Eric Lien) #6

You are an amazing guy Brandon. The community was lucky to have you. And even though you are back to work with us working stiffs… We know you will get out to the garage now and again. Make sure you aren’t a stranger.

(Jesse Burr) #7

can we still buy the r7

(Eric Lien) #8

@Jesse_Burr unfortunately, SMW3D / Hobby-Fab has closed. So the kit is no longer for sale. The unfortunate truth is people began buying more import kits (printers / CNC). So it was no longer financially viable for them to remain open. It’s sad. They were a super cool company and great within the community.

(Jesse Burr) #9

yeah i was saving up money for 3 yrs to get now i have it and cant find another like it
i like the way it was made if I knew how it was built mabe i can get the whole setup

(Eric Lien) #10

I am going to work on getting files out there so people could self source it. Just need to get the time.

1500 x 1500 R7 request for files
(Colin Kaminski) #11

@Eclsnowman If you need a spot to host the files I can put them on my site. When I was working on my z mod I had a handwritten BOM but I am not sure where it is now.

(Eric Lien) #12

I will probably use Github, makes collaboration and versioning easy. But thank you for the offer.

(Colin Kaminski) #13

That’s a great idea. I only think of it for software.