Yves BAZIN Hi! In my project:

@Yves_BAZIN It’s not a problem for me. It is interesting only with what it is connected. and why it is necessary to add additional diodes.

@X-WL1 https://gist.github.com/hpwit/603cf9fd2e4adbcfbdebc7dd4bf8646e
you will need to save the current fastled library directory and replace it by this one

in the gist I have parameters the lib to work with your pins

@Yves_BAZIN Tell me, do you also have a hang problem stop on your board off my code ?

@X-WL1 what do you mean exactly ?

@Yves_BAZIN can my board be the cause of the stop?

That I can’t tell. I will try your code on a esp32 devkit and a lolin v1 and let you know if it runs

@Yves_BAZIN Thank you. I’ll try your branch today

@Yves_BAZIN help. hangup with your library is gone. However, when connected to my diodes, a part blinks and some outputs are repeated. what pins should i use?

@X-WL1 normally the pins you are using in the order of the pins. I will check if if config is correct

@Yves_BAZIN When output ArtNet I get the following:
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Yves_BAZIN Maybe I made the connection incorrectly? Why diodes at the bottom do not always flicker (1st per strip)?

@X-WL1 did you put the strips on the order of the pins. It seems that they are mixed up. Can you send a text message instead of the animation ? We will know.
Can you send me your code ?

@Yves_BAZIN 7th pin duplicates 6th. I’ll post the code later.

@Yves_BAZIN Code: https://github.com/X-WL/Artnet-NODE/tree/master/Artnet-NODE

@X-WL1 the first strip should be on pin 2, the second on pin 4 the third on pin 5 the 4th on pin 15 and …

@Yves_BAZIN I’ll check tomorrow. but flickering is not because of this?

@X-WL1 the flickering of the first led is something that occurs always I could get rid of that yet :(. But otherwise it’s like we are printing ‘ghost’ universes I will look deeper in the code to know why

@Yves_BAZIN What is the cause of the flicker of the first diode? and there is also aka glitch flicker along the edges of the line. I will attach more videos tomorrow.

@Yves_BAZIN Hi! This is how the reception looks ArtNet 10 fps. I’m taping a rainbow. Then turn on reception ArtNet.
missing/deleted image from Google+

@Yves_BAZIN if you stop sending Artnet packages. 60 fps.
missing/deleted image from Google+