Yves BAZIN Hi! In my project:

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@Yves_BAZIN Hi!
In my project: ( https://github.com/X-WL/Artnet-NODE ) I’m still having problems hanging up my board. Can you help me configure your FastLED branch to work with ArtNet? Need 8 outputs 170px. This would eliminate the influence of the branch @Sam_Guyer
What do you use to create a Web interface? I use ESPAsyncWebServer.

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@X-WL1 what do you mean eleminate the influence of the branch of Sam ?
I use the WiFi lib nothing less or more.

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@Yves_BAZIN An example from the library works fine. However, the addition of working with WiFi and UDP leads to a hangup after some time without starting a reboot on the watchdog timer.

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@X-WL1 can I see your code ?

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@Yves_BAZIN by the link above the old code, but it is experiencing the same problems. now I’ll make a timely commit

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@Yves_BAZIN https://github.com/X-WL/Artnet-NODE my code. Use https://github.com/X-WL/Artnet_NODE-NVS_Utility to write settings to the board.
I’m learning, so my code is bad :grinning:

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@Yves_BAZIN if you comment out FastLed.show (), then everything is fine.

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@Yves_BAZIN Reduced Target FPS to 30 and hangs much later.

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@Yves_BAZIN adding Serial.print() before and after FastLED.show(), when I hang, I did not get the output “after_show”. I think it’s a matter of fastled.show() which might conflict with my other code?

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@X-WL1 sorry for the delay do not put the fastled.show() on the second core. When using this branch. I have noticed that when writing the code for another person. Just call fastled.show(); directly instead of fastledesp32

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@Yves_BAZIN but I don’t use fastledesp32.show() …
it’s still a branch @Sam_Guyer

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@X-WL1 indeed as I saw the function Fastledesp32show(); present in you code I though you were using it.
I don’t see anything wrong with your code.
what I see is I don"t use the #include <ESPAsyncWebServer.h> library
just the Wifi and wificlient libraies
which do require a server.handleClient() in the mail loop function

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@Yves_BAZIN can the work of asynchronous libraries cause a failure in the FastLED operation? and without it failures also arose.
the use of a normal server results in lags when sending an http response.

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@X-WL1 i don’t know the inner working of this library so i can’t tell you for sure. But I know the RMT could be interfered. I am just looking at the difference of codes.

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@Yves_BAZIN You mentioned that you can help with the configuration of your branch for my needs. It would be cool

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@X-WL1 hello I will publish tonight an update of my libray and the changes to put in your code

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@Yves_BAZIN Many thanks!)

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@X-WL1 can you tell me the pin number that you are using

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@Yves_BAZIN I use hardware spi.
#define DATA_PIN1 23
#define DATA_PIN2 21
#define DATA_PIN3 19
#define DATA_PIN4 18

#define DATA_PIN5 5
#define DATA_PIN6 4
#define DATA_PIN7 2
#define DATA_PIN8 15

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@X-WL1 the issue with my library is that is strips need to be in the same order as the pin for the current version