Worn screw groves in portable


I have a portable with a M-Sata disk screwed on to the motherboard, see photo. The screw groves are worn and I want to up the M-Sata disk to a new one. The screw head is dammaged so the screw driver does not rotate it. I have tried gripping with a pair of plyers to no effect. Do not want to really look at drilling out the screws and have not kit and probably will destory the mother board in the process. any suggestions on how to go about removing the screws so a new larger disk can be relace the current 128 GB M-sata disk? The screw is very tight. Same is the case with the other screw on the other side.

Some methods I have used with mixed results for similar problems.

Glue a small hex screwdriver bit upright to the head of the screw.
Try Epoxy, CA or my favorite, JB weld.
Let it dry for 24hrs.

It may be that the screw has threadlocker on it.
In that case try heating it with a soldering iron.
Then try the above glueing.

Less desirable:
As far a drilling I would do so with a dremel tool and small bit. The heat and vibration from drilling sometimes will release the threads.

You could also grind/cut the head off with a dremel tool fitted with a small cutting wheel.


Before trying JB-weld, I’d suggest trying an “easy-out” ­— they make some really small ones, and you might be able to use one without drilling, with it engaging with the existing damaged hole.

But if that doesn’t work, JB-weld is an excellent suggestion.


My first attempt would be using a small pair of pliers which have good/clean jaw grooves and try to grab the screw head from the side. Just getting a 1/4 turn might be enough for the friction of a properly sized Philips screwdriver to finish the extraction.

My next attempt would be to mask off around the screw head and then take a dremel with a narrow cutting wheel to cut a slot. All while using a strong vacuum nozzle on the proper side to collect metal particles.

Could help to warm up the screw and socket with a soldering iron and then hit the head with freeze spray with the area masked to keep cooling to the screw and then try the above extraction methods quickly after the short burst of cold spray.


Can you please say more why you would try the easeout first. Is not a bit of expoxy holding to the screw and screw driver simpler.

I cannot source a broken bolt extractor that deals with M2.5 2mm screws which is what these are. Any sources, Best I can find is a set that does M3.

Thanks again

Only because it doesn’t destroy a screwdriver bit and I have had a very small one that might have fit (though I don’t think I do any more). It’s not important.

Use a dremel with a small cutting disc and make a slot to fit a standard screwdriver, if the disc is to big wear it down on a chunk of iron or concrete to get the right diameter so as not to gouge the board, another way is to get a punch and place it in the center of the screw and give it a solid hit. Good Luck