Wood Turning with a Dremel

I got a request to make a Pride Bajoran Com Badge like I have been making for Star Trek Star Fleet Com badges. The Bajorans were an alien species prominent in the Star Trek Deep Space 9 (DS9) series.
After thinking about it, the bulk of the construction was fairly straight forward.

The tricky part was the dome shaped piece on the lower end.

What I came up with was using my Dremel rotary tool and the associated press stand as a mini lathe. The stand allows me to rotate the Dremel 90deg.

The dome was going to be make from 1/4" alder wood laser cut to the right diameter.
I created an adhesive mandrel using a screw mandrel, used for felt polishing points, 2 laser cut pieces of 1/8" ply and some strong double sided tape. Used a backing a washer to distribute some of the pressure and add a bit more thickness.

Used a bit of CA glue between the pieces

Treated the face with some thin CA glue to make replacing the tape easier, if needed, and not tear out the wood grain. Added a circle of double sided tape.

Centered the alder disk by feel and pressed on firmly.

Used multiple grits of orbital sander sanding discs for shaping, which I found worked great.

Because I found I wasn’t good at eye-balling the profile, I laser cut a profile template to help guide the shaping.

Pry the dome off when done and clean up any tape residue with some Goo Gone adhesive remover.


Clever solution! You really turned it around.


Tangential question…
Does your dremel vibrate a certain high speeds? Mine seems to have various resonances depending on the speed. I am not sure if there is a bad part or this is normal?

I haven’t noticed any vibrational resonances in my Dremel.


I also have not noticed this on either of the Dremels I have owned.

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I wonder if its the dremel’s bearings or the chuck I am using?

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Mine has this feature you mention. But if you turn up the speed high enough you can’t feel or hear it any more.

Yes that is exactly it…
I tried with and without various chucks and with no bit in the tool it does not exhibit this behaviour.
Put a bit in it and at a speed setting of about 20 it resonated then if you continue it goes away at the highest speed.

So maybe this is a designed in behaviour?:slight_smile: