Why is my Laser not cutting and giving double image

My KH3020 Laser is trying to cut but only burns and it is giving double image. I have aligned my Mirrors and Head but it made no difference. Any suggestions

Please upload some pictures showing what you are seeing, and provide a link to the instructions you followed for alignment. There can be multiple causes. Here are just some examples:

  • Loose mirror in nozzle head
  • Tube shifted transverse mode (e.g.TEM01*)
  • Bad alignment instructions (some are out there)
  • Loose wheels on carriage

(To upload a picture, the easiest way is usually to copy it from the screen and paste it into the editor.)

… also poor alignment through the objective head creates a reflection at the surface.
… damaged, misaligned objective lens inside the head.

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Thanks for prompt response will check these items and let youknow.

Thanks I have re Aligned my mirrors using Dr. TJ Fawcett instructions which I found very explicit I have now got a 95 % improvement I think a final adjustment to my Laser head might just do the trick.

Let us know if that totally solves the problem.

having problem with focus on head all mirrors aligned ok

The optical path is deviated. It is recommended to focus on checking the optical path of the laser cutting head.

Thank you for your reply. I have found that one of the brass mounts for laser head bracket was actually broken so repairing this then re focusing