What now, after the "prototype" is complete?

So after you build your prototype and decide to make it an actual “thing” and not just a bunch of parts cobbled together with jumper wires scattered on your bench, how do you find a box that it all fits in? How do you mount components that are odd size PCBs?

A 3-D printed box? Are there boxes out there that are “universal” for mounting various different size components?

Do people build custom PCBs and run a ribbon cable to the MCU/SBC (assuming one is used)?

I’ve used “project boxes” and 3d printed boxes. Have been interested to try Make A Box and similar programs at some point.

I’ll chime in to say that I have fun cutting and bending sheet metal into bins and boxes. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea but if it’s appealing to you then reply here and I’ll follow up with a short list of hand tools to get started.