We're moving the FastLED discussion to Reddit! Google Plus is shutting down,

We’re moving the FastLED discussion to Reddit!

Google Plus is shutting down, and we have to move our FastLED discussion somewhere else. After consideration of many options, we’ve decided to move the FastLED discussion to Reddit: Go to https://www.reddit.com/r/FastLED/ and click the “Subscribe” button to join the Reddit FastLED discussion group!

Why we chose Reddit
We chose Reddit because it is a solid, popular platform with good support for sharing and browsing pictures and videos – which we love. And of course, Reddit has good support for all of the modern basics must-haves: posting, searching, commenting, password resets, mobile apps, and notifications. Reddit has many of related communities as well, including subreddits for makers, artists, developers, and Arduino enthusiasts.

It’s worth noting that Reddit does not host their own images or video. Most people posting to Reddit use Imgur.com for their images and video, and you can find a how-to for that here https://reddit.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205243525-How-do-I-submit-a-picture-photo-comic-to-reddit- We’ll probably all use that guide as we learn how best to use Reddit for sharing FastLED projects and questions.

What will happen to all the existing G+ posts here?
Google says that in March, we’ll be able to download a data archive of the existing posts here before they shut down Google Plus for good. We definitely want to preserve as much as we can, and make it all accessible to everyone, just as it is now. Once we see what the exported data looks like, we’ll figure out where we’re going to host the archive; we don’t know yet, but as soon as we do, we’ll announce that.

How to help out, and Thank you!
FastLED wouldn’t be what it is today without you: your projects, your ideas, your questions, your comments, and all the help and encouragement that you give back to the community. Please help keep the great FastLED community going strong by helping us move everyone over to Reddit. Go to https://www.reddit.com/r/FastLED/ and click the “Subscribe” button to join the Reddit FastLED group, and thank you for all your contributions!


Fiat Lvx!

Thank you for the announcement Mark!

my country block the http://reddit.com

There is https://medium.com/google-plus-exporter
Data can be imported to WordPress with this… But the free version is limited to just a few posts

@Mark_Kriegsman thank you !!!

@Sheena_Variasi may be http://vpngate.net would help you? :slight_smile:

@Mark_Kriegsman @Daniel_Garcia I just tried to reply to a few posts in a row on reddit, and it told me on the 3rd reply “you have to wait 7mn before you can comment again”.
OMG. Is there a way to turn that off or get around it?
In 7mn I’ll be gone for work and probably won’t remember to reply :frowning:

@Marc_MERLIN Good question. I’ll take a look and see if we can adjust it. Thanks for jumping in over there, and bearing with us as we all figure out the new system!

@Marc_MERLIN It looks like the time limits go away as you build up ‘karma’ in the FastLED subreddit. I just went through and upvoted a couple of your comments to help with that.
It’s a good reminder that we should all upvote each other’s comments and posts, to keep the reddit karma flowing. Thanks for pointing out the issue.

@Marc_MERLIN I just added you as an “Approved submitter” for the reddit group which I believe will remove that time limit.

@Mark_Kriegsman @marmil thank you both for the quick reply. Yeah, I guess it’s a sad fact that many/most online boards have to worry about comment spammers.

fix confirmed to work, I was able to reply to other posts, thanks much

It might be good to update the link for “community” on the main http://fastled.io website to point to reddit

one of the long list of things that i’m behind on getting done related to the move :slight_smile:

I have received a request to add this community to the list of communities I am porting to http://forum.makerforums.info — by doing that, people continue to own their own content, and it is not lost to history. It’s also part of a larger and focused maker community.

Please let me know if there is any reason not to do this!

Yes, that would be great, thank you

Ok I’ll plan that! Thanks!

Please also feel free to let me know additional maker-related communities to port. :slight_smile:

Michael, this is so cool to see all these G+ posts here at forum.makerforums.info!
Thank you!

Could you make this post sticky/pinned too?

My forum account here didn’t get associated with my posts/comments in the FastLED G+ import. I did associate my Discourse account with my Google account before the import, though I had not used the Goog OAuth login before then.

Is there a way for me to merge my account with the dummy one that was created?

/cc @mcdanlj