Welcome ChiliPeppr

Nice to see this I was worried that it would get lost.

Agreed. This is the new home since Google+ is going away.

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John, you should talk with @mcdanlj (Michael Johnson) about archiving and importing the G+ community before it disappears, he is importing the K40, 3D printing and some others for us, he could do yours as well I am sure.

I have historical archive of the ChilliPeppr G+ community and plan to include it in the overall import when it happens. I expect to import before April 2, but probably not too far before so we don’t lose too much content. Also, for time to test…


Yeah that would really be great.

Also, given that ChiliPeppr has 4 main workspaces and is about to get a fifth for a 3d printed robot arm gcode controller, could we make subcategories for all 5 spaces? TinyG, Grbl, ESP32 Lua, ESP8266 Lua, Robot Arm

Yes, we can add the sub categories for you. Consider it done.

Having matching categories for the import is helpful! :slight_smile:

As far as I can tell, only the “Discussion” category was used in the G+ community, so I’ll bring in all those posts in the main ChiliPeppr category without a subcategory. The subcategories can be used for new posts here.

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