Wanting to DIY a midi keyboard. How should I start?

Hi guys. I am trying to DIY a simple midi keyboard .
I’ve found some articles like this

However, there are 2 problems I come across.
1.How can I know if this is the modern way to build a midi keyboard beacuse this article looks very old ?
2.I can’t understand how the schematic diagram works.
I tried googling how to use these ICs first ,but I spent a lot of time going through many articles and videos ,and still didn’t get it.
What will you do if you want to understand a schematic diagram ?

Well, the old joystick connectors of a few decades ago aren’t actually midi. MIDI over USB is more normal today than the old 5-pin DIN standard MIDI connectors, as far as I can tell.

Make Your Own Cheap USB MIDI Controller or Keyboard : 4 Steps - Instructables is more likely to set you on a workable starting path.

I recommend this as a good free resource for learning circuits:

I’m not sure how much electronics design experience you have. It sounds like maybe not much yet. It’s not really something that you should expect to become fluent in jumping in trying to read complex circuit diagrams from the start. Like learning to read in the first place, you start simple and learn to recognize basic building blocks of circuits, and then as you see how they are combined you learn to recognize what they mean when you see them together.

But if you understand what some parts of the circuit do but not others, you could ask more specific questions.

I do find that when I have a specific question, I learn a lot reading electronics stackexchange posts from time to time:


Do a search for “arduino midi keyboards” to get something more up to date.
Like: https://youtu.be/K-OPme8-BNA

How timely:

I really appreciate all your help.My eIelectronics design experience is truly not much. I am 18 now and only have some basic electronic knowledge .
I also wonder if it is possible to know the schematics of those midi keyboards that are sold nowadays(such as Yamaha midi keyboard)?

Building something is a good way to increase your electronics knowledge.
Most manufacturers of electronics schematics are hard to get.
Google “schematic for [specific model number]” or something similar.

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A really quick search of the net came up with a few sites that have some basic MIDI info and kits.


I also found this course that cost $49.00. I have no idea if it is worth it or if the material is also available for free around the net.


Awesome , I will definitely check it out. Maybe the curriculum of the course can be a guideline for me.

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True , it’s really hard to get especially when the products are still being sold .(I tried googling but in vain)
There is a midi keyboard in my home, but I think it’s almost impossible to know the schematic only by disassembling it, right?