Vigotec L5 4050

My Laser Engraver is showing a warning message every time I turn on the machine. It says “ No Encryption Lock Found “ I don’t understand what it means although I have googled it and followed various steps to no joy. Can anybody help with this agonising problem. Thank you

Probably a small USB device that needs to be plugged into the controller.

can you point us to what you have done…?

Hi, thanks for replying, when I first had the machine I downloaded all I needed and everything was working fine although I did get a warning to say “this site maybe unsafe but do I want to continue anyway” Right or wrong I continued. I had no problem until one day, doing the usual process, I got a warning “.No Encryption Lock Found “ I haven’t been able to use it since. I have tried everything including inserting a datashur device into the usb. Makes no difference. I have uninstalled everything and reloaded but still nothing. I am ready to put the laser engraver machine into the recycling bin. Please help. :scream:

The encryption lock is a small pink USB Stick, used as a software dongle.

Encryption lock

If you lost it you can try the android / ios software with your phone.

I have the issue , 3-4 weeks working properly and today the same warning. I never see this usb dongle… :frowning: