Urgent maintenance: Downtime for Maker Forums

Maker Forums Discourse and Social will be down for a few hours shortly for some urgent maintenance in our hosting environment.



Our hosting provider (who kindly hosts us for free!) had a major hardware replacement to do, and it took longer than expected. No data was lost in the update.

There may be additional (probably brief) downtime while more work is done on the hosting infrastructure.

The primary outage for Maker Forums Discourse lasted from about 13:45 US/Eastern 17 July to about 16:30 US/Eastern 18 July.

Maker Forums Social is not yet restored as of this time. It is currently projected to be up some time in the early morning US/Eastern 19 July.


I’ve been where your host is now. Please convey my understanding, sympathies, and hopes that whatever issue they face finds resolution soon.


Yeah, it’s been a unexpectedly frustrating few days for him. :sob:

The extended delay for Maker Forums Social, it turns out, has been a result of a problem with a storage server; not with the stored data, but with the system failing to boot. It has now booted successfully and is being tested prior to being put back into service. We expect Maker Forums Mastodon to be back online shortly. :tada:

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Maker Forums Social is now back up! :tada:

Suddenly got a notification that a poll I voted in had ended. :smiley:



The outage is now fully resolved.

Maker Forums Social was down from about 13:45 US/Eastern 17 July to about 21:45 US/Eastern 19 July.

We chose to wait this out rather than restore from backup because the data was expected to be intact, and restoring from backup would have lost a bit of data. But I’d like to be clear that backups were never affected by this incident.


After some additional service on the storage for Maker Forums Social, it is currently not booting, and won’t be back online at least until tomorrow. As before, no actual data loss is expected.

A hardware update is being planned to address this.


The storage array for Maker Forums Social has been brought up. The data will soon be migrated to a different array, so that there should be no negative impact from further maintenance, except for slower performance during the migration.

This Maker Forums Social outage lasted from about 22:00 US/Eastuern 20 July until about 21:45 US/Eastern 21 July.

There will be another brief Maker Forums Social outage for an update to Mastodon soon. (It never rains but it pours…) But this should take only about five minutes.


Maker Forums Social has been transparently migrated off of the malfunctioning storage server.