Upgrading my 1050 Sphinx

have a 1050 Sphinx, and I love everything about the machine except for the limited (~300mm) of Y travel. So I decided I will make it a 1010 machine, that should give me approximately 800mm of Y travel. It is a very easy upgrade, only parts needed were 2 1040mm lead screws and 2 1000mm Cbeams. I already had the Cbeams, so I purchased the lead screws from an OpenBuilds distributor here in Ontario, Canada, Makerparts.ca. They arrived yesterday, so I anticipate it will take about 1 hour to disassemble the Y axis components and substitute in the 1000mm replacements. Well maybe 2 hours ! Less than $200 in parts and a little bit of labour will make this a much more capable machine. I’ll post some before and after picks of the project. Decided to add some limit switches to this iteration as well. Fortunately I have already run the required cables, and I think I have enough slack in my existing wiring handle the increased length. (I was not looking forward to having to rewire the Y axis). Fingers and toes crossed on the wiring issue.


Going to post before and after pictures when you are done? :slight_smile:

You bet. Looking forward to being able to do larger pieces on it. I have the OX up for sale, so it gives me motivation to get this project done. Just have to knock out a quick order for a customer tonight before I tear it apart.

Even better, do a video or GoPro timelapse if you can.:smiley:

Video is out of the question, I swear too much while doing tasks like this :slight_smile: But I will take a lot of pictures.

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Just as I was about to start the upgrade, I received a fairly large order from a customer. So upgrade is on hold until I can get this order done.

Do you swear in English or Canadian?
:us: :canada:

Translations from Canadian can be very subtle, but apparently Google supported them in G+ back in the day

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