Updated Terms of Service: March 18 2020

The MakerForums Terms of Service have been updated. As always, continued use of MakerForums constitutes agreement with the Terms of Service.

Summary of changes:

  • The URLs to which the Terms of Service apply have been changed to reflect actual current use.
  • The fact that there are currently no paid services available has been clarified with respect to the terms covering payment and renewal for any paid services added. (There are no plans at this time to add paid services; should our hosting requirements change we may add paid services at that time. Thus the general terms remain.)
  • References to HTTPS and Enterprise as paid options have been struck entirely. They were never part of the original intent and were there only because they were included from “boilerplate” language inadvertently retained. MakerForums is accessible only via HTTPS and no Enterprise access of any sort is ever envisioned.
  • The Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability have been modified to more clearly state their original intent that they apply to all User Contributions — what you, as a user, post to this site. You, as a reader, bear sole responsibility for all use of anything you read on this site, regardless of the source.

Posting this summary of changes does not imply a responsibility or promise on MakerForums’ part to publish all changes to the Terms of Service in this manner. Nevertheless, it is our intention to publish a similar notice of substantial updates when they are made.