Unscheduled service interruption 31 August 2022

During site maintenance on Maker Forum’s host that has been causing Maker Forums to run more slowly, I inadvertently created a service outage from about two and a half hours. This was, I believe, the second longest outage in Maker Forums history, after the Unscheduled service interruption 20 March 2021 early last year.

No data was lost.

Site performance may be slow during the rest of the site maintenance. In addition, there will be some additional host site maintenance in a few days that is expected to be transparent, but if you experience intermittent service during the weekend, I appreciate your patience while our friendly hosts update the systems that bring you Maker Forums Discourse and Maker Forums Social.

During this outage, I changed the automated maintenance notice to point also to Maker Forums Social @owner for potential information on Maker Forums Discourse site outages, as well as to Slack #help. If you are on the fediverse, please do follow @owner@social.makerforums.info for updates.

My apologies for the interruption.


You will get a bill from my therapist for dealing with my withdrawal symptoms! :upside_down_face:


The infrastructure upgrades that slowed Maker Forums down for a few days after this announcement are complete, and Maker Forums is back up to speed.