Trouble updating the firmware

I just received my Soomothieboard when I tried updating the firmware, it never seems to work. So I keep using the original firmware. Then today the sd card got corrupted. I have been trying to figure out why it is not installing the firmware correctly for the last few hours, an have gotten nowhere.
I have tried a few different sd cards, the results are always the same. When I plug in the sd card with the firmware.bin and the config file, withing like 2 seconds, all the leds are solid except for leds 2 and 3, they flash, just like they are suppose to, sometimes they flash slow then after a few minutes they start flashing fast. But when I check the files on the sd card, the firmware file is still firmware.bin, it does not change to firmware.cur.

So I thought maybe if I just reflash the internal chip, maybe it will work, but I can’t reflash the internal card because for some reason FlashMagic will not recognise the serial port when I plug it it, it cannot find a serial port. I have also not been able to connect to the Soomthieboard using repetier, because I could not find the serial port, I tried it on 2 different computers, the results where the same on both.
What is going on? In case you are wondering, I’m not using the html file, I made sure it is the bin file.

Is it possible that by soldering on the board (which I did), I could have ruined it?