This issue with getting defective boards is killing my drive to continue working on

This issue with getting defective boards is killing my drive to continue working on my printer. This is now the 3rd dead board, all are dead drivers… 1 was a board meant to for RMA with a blown driver, but I got it instead. The printer hasn’t event printed at all.

Am I the only one with issues like this?

I am yet to have this issue. Sometimes you just draw the short straw.

3 times though? let alone on a $220 board. I received my last board in September…

if your not “dead set” on using THAT particular controller, there’s many other good ones… RUMBA for example.

Sounds like poor QC or shipping issues.

Ive been waiting for over a week to hear back anything useful. Its definitely a Qc thing, I got a board with a pre blown driver.

Where are you located?

In Canada

I would suggest looking at your cables and sensors to check for shorts, just to be certain that it isn’t just that, that is killing those boards

its a confirmed grenaded driver. nothings shorted. Z motor works on every other driver.
Ill clarify the first board shit itself within 60 seconds, the seconds was a screw up being a pre blown board. This recent board barely has 10 hours being powered.

Sounds like a wiring fault then.

Are these legitimate Duet WiFi’s? Trinamics don’t usually die like that

They are legit duets. I HIGHLY doubt wiring shorts are the cause. The duet team has stated they’ve had blown driver issues… the second board was from another customer which was mistakenly sent to me…

The whole reason for getting the board was for the beefy tmc2660’s and the web interface. I may look to borrow a hot air rework station to fix it.

I do not see the Sense resistors on these boards. They should be 2w resistors used to control the current to the drivers. If the Sense resistors are an SMD type, they are then too small to survive any stall currents, and will damage themselves and the drivers. Stall currents are the electrical feedback that happens when the stepper motor stops or stalls while the electronics continue to operate it.

Ouch. Sorry to hear that. I’ve got a couple Duets with those drivers and mine seem fine so far. The most recent print run was 24hrs. I use them to run NEMA23 motors at the full current they let those boards go (2.4A).

Most cases drivers goes dead because of back IMF. What is your current input Voltage?

seeing a lot of people blowing up smoothies and duets on first builds … i think a better path would be to get the printer running on cheap ramps boards and then migrate to these boards!.that way u can blowup a ton of a4988s even if you make mistakes and it wont blow a hole in your wallet…

@Jordan_Bourns those are gonna be quite tough to desolder with a hot air iron. I have trouble getting small FET’s to reflow with lead-free solder, let alone something that large.

They aren’t willing to replace it? And is it the same exact driver every time?

Also, any chance you are willing to sell one of the blown ones??

@Chris_Bigpaws_Chambe these are 32 bit Duet boards with RepRap Firmware, so Rumba is not a good option by comparison.