The Cyclops - a new type of HotEnd from E3D.

(Sanjay Mortimer) #1

The Cyclops - a new type of HotEnd from E3D. Sneak peek and some nice pictures.

(Arthur Fedderson) #2

Oh man, take my money please.

(Mike Kelly) #3

Well then! Let’s see this hot end already!

(Joshua Rowley) #4

Soon! Just need to finalise the design and you can see it all… :slight_smile:

(Thomas Sanladerer) #5

Cyclops only has one eye…
Let me know how i can help out!

(Jim Squirrel) #6

whoa! awesome! My ingentis is only lacking a hotend and electronics.

(Eric Lien) #7

@Sanjay_Mortimer1 I would love to try this on #Eustathios or #HercuLien if you need a tester.

(Mark Durbin) #8

Looks fantastic, can’t wait to get one!

I always wanted to try a tartan print

(David Gray) #9

The pillar in the background makes me think single nozzle (as the name also suggests). So you seem to be mixing then purging using the pillar. I hope I’m correct, I would love to have duel extrusion and auto bed leveling. Count me in.

(Electra Flarefire) #10

Seen a few designs like this about and it seems like a clever solution to the problem. Shame I’m after dual material! :slight_smile:

(Marcel Corbeil) #11

Nice clean print. Would love to test drive one. Will the filament diameters need to match?

(John Davis) #12

Awesome, can’t wait to see what you’ve cooked up!

(James Zatopa) #13

Sanjay I would love an opportunity to test this new hotend.

(Stephanie A) #14

The main issue I see with material mixing is that certain colors and manufacturers have a different “sweet spot” as to what temperature they should be extruded at. Solve the sweet spot and multi material single nozzle becomes a reality. Color blending is more complex as you don’t know how the new material will act.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #15

Looks like they’re using a lot of material in the purges.

(David Gray) #16

@Stephanie_A that’s why you need a dummy object to print. There is no reason that you couldn’t adjust the temp before dumping the excess onto the dummy object. It would become part of the filament switching gcode.

(3D-Proto) #17

Nice. Think you need to build the tower in the back to wait until the filament mixing procedure is done and go back to the object you are printing. Right? Good idea but still some waste of filament material.

(Jonathan “se5a” Sorensen) #18

I remember you hinting at this a few months ago @Sanjay_Mortimer , that does look like a nice print hopefully we’ll be able to get purge infill in slicers at some point. will keep a close eye on this. (and yes, send @Thomas_Sanladerer one to do a vid on!)

(Mauro Manco) #19

From your result photo i think new HE are same :

I think right?

I use F.U.M and If New He are similar in full metal version is amazing HE. with this can mix (change filament without clean nozzle)
or change color (creating a cube for clean nozzle) and only one HE.

great result .
Hope to see it soon.

(Camerin hahn) #20

The wasted material seems to be quite little… Much less than I would expect. And filament is decently cheap, we are talking about wasting a few grams in an average print… And with some work in the slicer (change material on infill and a purge been for layers without enough space) it could have very little waste. I am excited to see what comes from this