The Cyclops - a new type of HotEnd from E3D.

Less wasted than you would expect? That’s a solid tower. I doubt the model is solid, so it’s very possible that’s wasting 20%+ of the material on purges.

@Jeff_DeMaagd , Camerin is correct. All it takes is recoding the slicer to put the “purge/wipe” tower inside the model as infill. Software hasn’t gotten there yet, but it hasn’t been needed until now as the hardware hasn’t existed.

I missed the last few lines of that comment.
I wouldn’t say there’s no call for it - such a technique would help conventional dual extrusion too, because of ooze, it’s useful to reprime the nozzle before using it again.

Isn’t repriming needed anytime you use retraction, single or dual? If you’re talking about repriming, that isn’t limited to dual extrusion - and prints that use retract/prime look quite good already. What am I missing?

@Camerin_hahn @Jeff_DeMaagd no need any special software cura just ready for it. Need only calibrate retraction and purge zone size. But purge can remove and mix color nice for vase not for object. Waste % dipend fusion room.

I don’t follow. Single extruder doesn’t really need a purge after undoing a retraction. There is a retraction and un-retraction on hops. You can specify extra, but that’s normally not needed in my opinion. Those are usually very short, a couple seconds or so. On dual extrusion, a purge is needed (and a clear place to purge) to reprime after a long unretraction so there’s no bubbles in the nozzle after a much longer idle, some parts, a minute or so.

My other problem with the wipe & prime tower is that they tend to break a lot. HIPS doesn’t adhere to the bed as well as ABS or PLA, so that’s usually the break point if I’m doing dissolvable filament. I can make the footprint of the tower bigger, but using wasting even more material is annoying.

Sorry I don’t explain fine, My experience with single hotend and 2 filament. We have 2 filament feeder go in single he. When need change filament remove from he first color e push inside second filament automaticaly and clean nozzle on cube after clean start printing with new color…for this need purge… Hope I explain me well…sorry.

I suspect it has 2 filaments coming in that shift back and forth with only one nozzle. I own 2 e3d v5 hot ends and I love them. I have been using one for about a year and a half now no problems.

Mounting request: Hey Sanjay, I don’t think we’ve seen any pictures of the Cyclops yet (did you pick beta testers already?) but I have a request while there might be some design time left. I have two deltas, and for me, and most delta owners, groovemount is useless. Typically there’s a bowden involved and lots of space above the effector, so mounting closer to the bottom of the extruder rather than the top is much much better.

It would be cool if there could be a flange close to the extruder tip - perhaps the bottom most cooling fin could be extended and have some mounting holes to screw directly to the effector, or through appropriate heat resistant washers. Not sure the dimensions of the design but there are plenty of machines in the wild (original rostock/Kossel) with an effector having a central hole of radius 20mm and a ring of M3 holes at a radius of 25mm. This might not work but anyway it’s a common setup.

Even if you just left some threads at the top of the heat break but below the heat sink open so a thin nut and thin stainless sheet could be used to mount that would be terrific.

What about the moving retraction ?