SMW3D / Hobby-Fab All-in-one controller

If you have the pro-controller it will likely have the MakerBase MKS DLC v2.0 controller board. Documentation is scarce on this controller but I was able to get a response from MakerBase support and have posted the main archive on dropbox.

If you use these files, you do so at your own risk. I have repackaged them removing .rar files and making a single folder with everything I received from MakerBase support. I have done my best with the Antivirus tools I have but you just never know these days.


@Brandon_Satterfield — do you know whether the “12V” input can actually take 24V?

The stepper sticks can. The board doesn’t need any power except USB.

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I used the that @Eclsnowman linked to at

I successfully uploaded to it as an “Arduino Uno” (since it has a 328P chip on it), but I note that I got a warning:

Low memory available, stability problems may occur.

Hopefully it’s OK. It seems to work fine now driving the LV8727s.

Totally normal.

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