Smoothieboard support?

HI all, I was sent a smoothieboard by mistake, thanks banggood, grrrr. it was supposed to be a rambo board which was purchased for my MPCNC build. I think it may have been an upgrade, but I cant find any help or support for it with Marlin 2.0?

I am trying to run marlin 2.0 and use it with a mpcnc… any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.

The smoothieboard has great support and used with a lot of automated builds.
Here is the homepage for smoothieboards;

Arthur Wolf, the creator of the smoothieboard is a contributor to this forum and so is Ray Kholodovsky the creator of the smoothieboard drop in replacement for the K40 laser and other automation builds.
His website can be found here;

You can run Marlin 2.0 on smoothieboard. Use platformio for the build. Configure for BOARD_SMOOTHIEBOARD

Hi, I have tried that,

and it wont compile. It is giving an starting error
#error “Unknown MOTHERBOARD value set in Configuration.h”
it is showing and I even copied the name form the src/core/board.h
an then goes on to show lots of errors as it cant find the boards settings.


thank you, that did help, but now I am getting error :
Marlin\src\HAL\HAL_LPC1768…/…/core/…/inc/…/pins/lpc1769/pins_SMOOTHIEBOARD.h:120:4: error: #error “Marlin’s Smoothieboard support cannot drive your LCD.”

I have tried to change some of the settings in the configuration.h but it seems not to like RepRap Full Graphic Smart Controller
its the 128x64 with green board, mounted to red controll board with nob and speak ect.

Am I missing a setting or something.