Sketchup(Free) to K40

Hi Everyone, I have created a few 3D models in Sketchup Free and would like to be able to export them to K40 Whisperer, what’s the process to do that?

I have read a bunch of forums, reddit posts and the sketchup website, everyone seems to have a process to do this using the paid version of sketchup but right now I’d like to know how to do this using free software.

The reason you don’t find it is that they restricted the free version not to do that. If you work in Sketchup and want to use those features, you use the paid version. That’s why you only see a process to do that with the paid version.

Are you aware of the open source modeling applications available that don’t lock you in?

I was thinking something along the lines of converting a SketchUp file to another type of file using some type of convert then uploading to the K40. I realize that SketchUp disabled that ability, but is there another way around it? I am not aware of other open source 3d modeling applications that are as easy as sketchup, what else would you reccomend?

I have been using SolidEdge2D for other projects, so if there’s a way to go from sketchup to Solidedge to K40Whisperer, that would be awesome

“Easy” is subjective. Sketchup is known for easily creating disconnected geometry where faces don’t actually meet, which makes it not useful for import into other tools.

In general, we don’t want to encourage violating terms of service or license agreements for software. Our site has terms of service we expect users to follow; if we encouraged people to violate software licenses or terms of service for other services, how can we reasonably ask them to follow the terms of service here?

What is your use for 3D modeling for laser cutting? There are tools dedicated to finger boxes.

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