Since Google is closing G+,

(Kurt Meister) #1

Since Google is closing G+, I hope we’ll find a new home for all maker related stuff. Because making is far beyond 3d printing!

Even this little project needs a 3d printer AND a lasercutter to produce.

I’m also willing to pay a small fee ($20 per year is fine). @ThantiK and all the other mods: Let me know, what I can do for the upcoming maker community. :slight_smile:

(Reinhard “Barmonster” Mitschang) #2

I think MeWe is pretty good…

(Daniel Bull) #3

Basically it looks like people are either heading to Pluspora or MeWe. MeWe is closest to Google+ and Pluspora is the more geeky route.

(Ray Sunshine) #4

I started a Makers Everywhere group on MeWe. It doesn’t allow you to subdivide into 3d printing. Arduino, etc. like we have here. Still figuring it out. Much more searchable than Pluspora for me tho.

(Reinhard “Barmonster” Mitschang) #5

@Ray_Sunshine it allows the use and filter of hashtags, so it’s basically the same as the group-sections here

(Ray Sunshine) #6

I’m finding it doesn’t just populate my stream the way I’d prefer. I actually have to search a topic because someone else may be making a lot of posts on another topic.

For instance, I wanted to use Pluspora for news, similar to how it is here… a German newspaper filled my stream with about 20 posts using the hashtag “news.” I don’t have time to search.

(Anton Fosselius) #7

Sorting news flows and removing duplicates is the biggest issues on all social networks i have tried…

(Dave Mac) #8

I have a small forum opened called It’s not a replacement for here but it is mobile friendly and can accept pictures, YouTube links, STL files and other things.
Everyone is welcome there. It was set up as a backup for another portal. It’s split into different subheadings and I’m happy to accept any suggestions.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #9

I’ve already been moving my group to MeWe. It seems like the best alternative to me.

(Claudio Prezzi) #10

MeWe is just another proprietary solution from a company that finaly needs to make money with it. I prefer to move to a platform like diaspora that is open source and can be hosted by the community itself.

(bigfilsing) #11

And there’s the rep rap forum was and is solid for info sharing

(Christian Schulz) #12

in MeWe There is a 3d Printing group, we should join this group instead of opening another.

(Kurt Meister) #13

@cprezzi Are you already on Diaspora?

(Reinhard “Barmonster” Mitschang) #14

@Christian_Schulz nope. Already been there, the Admin is an asshole. And they are posting a lot of non 3D-print-related stuff, mostly about guns

(Kevin Danger Powers) #15

@Christian_Schulz @Reinhard_Barmonster you’re welcome to join my (brand new) 3D printing group on MeWe. I’m definitely not an asshole. Lol. I did just start the group so there aren’t any members yet and little content but if you join and start posting, it’ll take off.

(Claudio Prezzi) #16

@Kurt_Meister No, I’m not on Diaspora yet.

(Claudio Prezzi) #17

It’s a shame that the shutdown of G+ will for sure distroy many of the actual communities or at least split them in many parts because not all members will want to move to the same new platform! :frowning:

(bigfilsing) #18

I wonder why it’s getting shut down. ??
Anybody tried Discourse? The octoprint community moved there and it seems to work!

(Daniel Bull) #19

My guess is they wanted to dominate social media, then dump adverts on us but because they never managed to beat facebook (they did beat twitter at one point) they gave up.

I don’t believe it was because of that security thing one little bit.

(Ray Sunshine) #20

@Kevin_Danger_Powers I’ll join over there.
It’s a lot like G+ was in the early days. Gotta start everything new.