Sharpening Single Flute Bits

Thought these single flute carbide bits might be reasonably easy to sharpen. Hence, this morning, I made this simple truck. A piece of 1/4" square brass with 1/8" hole through one end and a silver steel axle. Two 3/8" diameter hardened steel wheels and a 1/8" hole at an angle of 7.5 degrees through the other end.

You can change the angle by moving the bit further through the brass square. Simple locking bolt that nips up the end with a 1mm wide slot.

I sharpen the bits on a diamond pad, these are on a 1/4" thick steel back plate and so greater for running this up and down on.

It works a treat.

Let me know if this is interesting and I will create some simple drawings, best regards, Nigel


Thta’s simpler than buying a D-bit grinder! :smiling_face:


Neat! I suppose that placing a few more holes at often-used angles could be possible, too.

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That could work. You can change the angle by moving the bit up and down, plus rotation. I should probably do some calculations to work out the range of angles.


The simple design is often the most useful! Looks good.

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