Setting Up New K40 And Upgrades

Hey so I’m basically new to laser cutting with a k40 laser I used to laser cut all the time at my school with a glowforge and a huge full spectrum laser anyways I just received my k40 I know it’s not the analog one this is the link for the one I received: OMTech 12"x 8" 40W CO2 Laser Engraver Cutter Engraving Machine Red Dot Guidance | eBay but I also purchased the light Object air-assist laser head, Cohesion 3d Laser Board(still haven’t received it), 4-inch inline duct fan, air pump for the laser head, Light Object laser goggles, and a honeycomb laser bed(it doesn’t fit but I’m gonna cut it down to 12"x14"), lab jack(eventually gonna make an automatic bed with an Arduino and a momentary switch). but I’m just really wondering if I’m missing things that I really need, and I had a few questions like in my cutter I opened it up and I plan on removing the shroud in the back for airflow cause it has like a little dinky computer fan, and it looks like someone went crazy with hot glue and but it all over on the mirror stands and is actually partially on one of the mirrors, and there is like fuzz? all over the inside of the machine like a cat exploded and there is like a ball of fuzz on the inside on just one of the output power ports. anyways any help is greatly appreciated!


Look up on the menu next to the search magnifying glass icon you’ll see the “K40 Intro” link…

I would include one of those twirling flow indicators so you can see the water is flowing through your tube,
I would include a water temperature indicator so you don’t run it over 25C
I would include a $3 mA meter before you even power the machine up above 10% on the digital UI.
I would add water flow switch and hood switch wired in series and to your LPS to protect yourself from yourself and maybe protect the machine if you don’t see the flow meter.
All very inexpensive upgrades.


Thank you so much yea ill get those things as soon as I can I forgot to say I got an mA meter I just have to wire it up and install it somewhere I was kinda curious actually cause it looks like the grounding point i have on my machine isn’t even touching the metal it has 2 acrylic washers/spacers keeping the lug from the metal and it is still covered in paint im assuming me stripping the paint and removing the spacers is a safe bet?

It’s typical to install the milliammeter in the panel. Sometimes designing and laser-cutting a new panel blank is one of those tasks folks do with the laser. :relaxed:

The stud itself is probably the ground so any plastic washers probably are fine in practice, but yes there’s a suggestion in our Electrical article in the K40 Getting Started category to improve the grounding: