Setting height on Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus with Marlin 1.1.9 does NOT save settings


I recently updated my firmware on my Anycubic Kossel Linear Plus (delta) - which has a TriGorilla board and the new firmware is Marlin 1.1.9 (a piece of :poop: imho - can’t wait to upgrade to duet3d).

After the install I managed to calibrate the printer and everything seemed right. I did some prints with it and it was ok. (for those wondering I used this guide for the firmware & the calibration:

After that, my nozzle & radiator got blocked and I had to disassemble everything. After reassembly I can’t get the fricking machine to set the new height

Here are the steps that I take to calibrate the z height:

  1. I turn on the printer and do an “Auto Home”.
  2. I go inside Control > Move axis > Z and I lower the nozzle until it touches my 0.2mm file.
    I write down that value.
  3. Now I go inside Prepare > Delta calibration > Delta settings > Height - and I subtract the number I got above.
  4. Then I do auto-home and the under Control > Store settings
    It doesn’t work. The new height gets “stored” but when i manually lower the Z … there is still a gap (the same gap). If I do this several times… the height keeps changing in the software but the nozzle height is not being adjusted.

Does anyone know the right way to do this?

Also, why are there 2 !?! “Store settings” menu options (one under Control and one under Prepare > Delta Calibration) What’s the difference?

What does the “Load settings” even do?

Do I need to select from the menu “Initialized EEPROM”? I heard someone saying that this “erases” old values that might “interfere” with the new calibration values. WAT? Why is that even a problem?

Thanks :pray: