Sculpfun S10 for precise plastic parts

I am very new in the world of the laser engravers, so I am sorry for the stupid questions. I need to cut PLA plates (Tamiya, , 0.3 mm and 1.0 mm). The question is if Sculpfun S10 could be a right tool for it? Would it make accurate cuts or there is some risk that it will be burning/melting?

Thank you in advance.

Have you googled for “cutting PLA in a CO2 laser”? Gotta be documentation on this all over the place.

@dougl The Sculpfun S10 is a shaped-beam blue LED laser, not a CO2 laser.

@Luno The sculpfun doesn’t seem to ship with air assist; air assist can help with melting plastic. The shaped beam should improve chances of success. In general if it’s melting do more passes faster; sometimes you have to experiment with a laser / material combination.

I don’t think anyone here has posted about using this particular laser for this particular purpose.

I’m actually not seeing a lot about blue LED lasers and PLA. Here’s someone who has set up air assist on a laser he describes as 10W:


Thank you for the responses. Since there is not that much known about a blue laser and PLA I should focus more on a milling machine rather than a laser engraver even the latter one could offer much higher precision.

There are different tradeoffs and constraints. You’ve not really told us anything about your constraints, what “accurate” means for you. Using a milling machine (or CNC router) comes with different tradeoffs; you are limited by the radius of the cutting bit, and the smaller the radius the slower you have to cut and the shallower each cut is.

So you might want to be more specific.