Screwed over by Cloudray Laser on Amazon on a CW-5200 Chiller

I purchased a Cloudray CW-5200 chiller for sale on Amazon for 503,36 euros. Priced stayed thru cart and we got all screenshot and hold went thru from Amazon. Then the amount went thru the bank at 599 euros plus tax. To make it worse, the chiller arrived at the delivery location damaged in box. We took it to the workshop and to no surprise its leaking in the back inlet. I think I can fix it and will try tomorrow. Cloudray laser CW-2000 Chiller. Scammed by them on Amazon - Album on Imgur

Amazon said they had no idea why the seller increased the charge. They recommended we return it, but after the wait for delivery and hot days I need to get the laser running properly in this summer weather.

We took it to the workshop and to no surprise its leaking in the back inlet. I think I can fix it and will try tomorrow.

Posting here so no one else gets screwed. Cloudray claims they arent responsible for any sales from their store on amazon. This isnt the first time theres an issue with Cloudray Amazon sales but to charge nearly 100 euros more for an item and ignore seller messages its ridiculous. If thats the case they shouldn’t even have a store on amazon or aliexpress.

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Not sure how you paid for it but if it was on a credit card you can contest the charge that way.


Im in europe so we ordered from Amazon germany. A little harder to contest it. They are now saying its an extra fee amazon charged them. Even after amazon said the increase makes no sense and no tax or fee is that high. Its a verified business account with amazon so now going after them about it. I did read on another site that some amazon sellers are scamming like this. Saying its on sale to get the lowest pricing in the group then charging the full price afterwards hoping no one fights it and they keep the extra paid.


And I was just telling my wife we should make a second machine put together since orders are backed up. Shes having to turn off her business website for a week or so every month to catch up. Guess I wont build it with cloudray now lol.

It’s amazon so write a review mentioning they added charges and lack of response.

As for the damaged box, that’s on the shipper and unfortunately on you for accepting it with visible damage. If you do repair it, hopefully it doesn’t need warranty repair.

I’ve seen a few times people who use lasers for their business will keep a K40 or other laser as backup since there are always failures and wear since they are little mechanical machines with wearing tubes and power supplies.


Yes I was hoping it didnt do damage inside and worked fine. Summer and the workshop area isnt the coolest and didnt want to risk damage to the laser as well. It worked ok except for the leak when I tested it. I’ll be back there tomorrow to get some work done and take everything I need to check it out more.

I was thinking about that since most the work right now requires cutting 3mm acrylic and that should be easy.

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You would not be able to do that on the Amazon site. I have had reviews removed because they said it was negative when I had items sent and what was in the box was not what I ordered.

They banned me from doing reviews… no idea why!


I got my fiber from them directly… although it was warehoused here in the US…

Seems pretty clear to me…

If your products are not purchased from our official website but purchased through cloudray store on ohter shopping platforms, we will not be responsible for your order.

Here’s a screenshot of their return and exchange policy…

Sorry… I’m sure you had other reasons for where you purchased it, but it’s very clear they do not support any other sales outlets, even with their name on it…

So I don’t believe you were done in by Cloud Ray.



I do not agree. This is a crappy policy, and I would also feel “done in”.
If a vendor allows their product to go through a sales channel other than their own they should still support it. Otherwise, they should not put it in that channel.

I did not find that return policy at their Amazon store.
Rather I found a 30 day return policy:

It’s clear that they support an Amazon storefront.


People go into contracts all the time, not doing their do diligence and end up on the short end of the stick.

If you write Cloud Ray they will tell you the same thing. I queried them about my laser, they gave me a discount and advised in the email that, all offers, including return or support was only from their website…

You are dealing with a Chinese company that sells their products everywhere… once sold to that vendor, it’s still a new Cloud Ray laser but Cloud Ray already sold it …

I didn’t say it wasn’t a crappy policy, just that the responsibility did not lay with Cloud Ray. They were very clear and you wanted to save a buck or two…

When you go through an intersection without stopping and get a ticket, the phrase I didn’t see it doesn’t cut it.

You might feel done in, but you did it to yourself.


I’m with @donkjr here. If @CloudrayLaser posted this information on their Amazon storefront, that would be one thing, but it’s not reasonable to say “every time you buy something on Amazon you should also read the original vendor’s entire web site” — that is ridiculous and unreasonable.

If I got that through Amazon I would be chatting with Amazon support and asking for a return and refund.

@eonr have you asked Amazon themselves for that?


His vendor was 100% aware that Cloud Ray would not support it. Did they warn him?

Did the vendor have any notification anywhere, that Cloud Ray won’t warrant it?

If it’s a different website owner or not, I have no idea how they run their businesses work over there… If you wish to give someone a black eye, give it to the right person… maybe cloud ray of amazon?

Expect them to post a note that says if you want a warranty don’t buy it from me…?

So that’s probably the limit on returns.

Remember Nikon cameras? Nikon would not warranty a camera purchased from an unauthorized vendor and there was a million of them… similar… they didn’t advertise that and the bad vendors didn’t mention it either…

I don’t like the way lots of these Chinese companies do business…

You’ve apparently got the raw end of the stick also from some Amazon vendor… as have I… how many of these threads are people getting ripped off with this stuff… it’s not going to change… do you still buy from Amazon?

Why did they purchase it over Amazon instead of the Cloud Ray site in the first place?


In that case Cloudray should not have the name of their store and which they admit to being cloudray on Amazon as a verified seller. You cant get around the law by claiming your not responsible for your actions on one site by changing prices and saying “we only honor what we sell at our website only” bs. Legally you are responsible for your actions whether you commit fraud on any site if you are the same company.

When you buy goods or services in the EU, you have to be clearly informed about the total price , including all taxes and additional charges.

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We’re going thru this right now with Amazon support. Cloudray was supposed to send a new link for the amount we were supposed to pay, Then we pay that amount and Cloudray refunds the other link with Amazon. However Cloudray is playing games still and keeps sending different amounts. As soon as we get the correct amount will see if its thru amazon or they want us to pay directly.

Either way we’re going to file a complaint with European Consumer Centres on this and our national regulation authority. They love to fine companies even tho we wont see anything different from it lol.

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Amazon provides the items faster in Europe then the companies will from their own warehouses. Especially from US vendors. Amazon will get it here in a 7-8 days from US to Europe and cleared thru customs vs 3-8 weeks from vendors directly because they have their international delivery infrastructure setup better. I placed an order today (saturday night) from Dewalt in Germany and will have it by tuesday delivered in my country.

Should also note that Amazon provides the proper invoices needed for business as well. They used to even not charge vat when delivered from outside the country but thats changed as they send to our countries Amazon warehouse first now. Trying to get the proper invoices from vendors is not always easy as it should seem since the countries have different requirements for what information needs to be on the invoices.

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I guess I don’t know of any law in the US that is really binding to the Chinese companies… if you can get something from them, that’s great…

Even when their pet food killed a bunch of peoples pets, they couldn’t do anything.

I’ve never seen anything that has changed anything…

Good luck, maybe you have a chance in EU, I don’t think we do…