S9 Axes Customisation

My first post as newbie

I have just acquired a Sculpfun S9 configured with the Y axis expansion Kit which makes for an impractical desk setup if positioned in the default way with the controller side facing forward so I wish to rotate the frame 90 degrees anti-clockwise so the controller side is to my right when operating

My operating software will be Lightburn

My query is how best to configure the combined hardware/software setup so that not only is the origin the front facing left corner but the X and Y axes are effectively transposed so that positive X and Y are left to right and front to rear respectively, both on the machine and the landscape work area in Lightburn

I can selectively invert axes with GRBL parameter edits but short of transposing the X,Y motor connectors on the control board (discouraged by Sculpfun tech support) is there some way to do this in Lightburn so what I see on screen is what I get in operation ?

Thanks in advance and apologies if this post is not in the appropriate topic category

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Welcome to Maker Forums! Glad you made it! (It’s the right category. We have maybe too many. :grimacing:)

Sculpfun might reasonably be using different stepper motor current in each axis corresponding to the inertia in that axis. Moving only the head has less inertia than moving the head plus the gantry.

This means that if you turn it, you also want to change the axis of rastering so that only the head moves while rastering each line, not the whole gantry. The gantry should move only between raster lines.

We have plenty of folks here with expertise in Lightburn here, but also I’d expect a broader slice of expertise on options for configuring Lightburn itself in the Lightburn forum:

Finally, we always like to remind folks who might be new to this hobby how important eye protection is. Even tiny reflections from those blue lasers painlessly permanently burn out your retina. You wearing high-quality orange glasses that absorb blue laser light might not be enough. If someone else in your house might enter the room you are working in, you might consider additional eye protection for your unit to preserve their vision. Many people do have laser-induced vision degradation every year; it’s not a rare problem.