(RESOLVED) Version 0.9.3030 - How to disable "bed outline" function at the end of a raster

With the 0.9.3030 release, there is this odd quirk that happens at the end of every raster process. After it finishes with all the rastering, the laser head goes to the top left of the bed then the bottom left and the bottom right, as if it’s outlining the border of the bed. I’d prefer it stop at the ebd of the last process and stay in that location until I start a new process like it used to do. How do I fix this/what setting do I change?

solved by eliminating hidden objects that were still recognized

I would like to state that the actual problem revolves around how meerk40t handles white objects. To completely eliminate a lot of the odd behaviour I’ve experienced with me S30 has been to eliminate the white on as many objects as I can (turn transparent) and where it makes sense to still be able to get the desired engraving. I’d be willing to create a separate post detailing this sometime in the future if the issues aren’t gone in a newer version of the software. I plan to test with the newest version sometime soon to see if the issues are still present, but I’m not sure how long into the future that may be.