RepRapDiscount Smart Panel not displaying

I am trying to install a RepRapDiscount Smart LCD Controller on my smoothieboard. I changed my config file to match the example on the smoothieboard/panel site. However, the panel lights up whenever I power on the board but nothing is displayed. Any Ideas of what could be the problem?

Trace the wires carefully. There have been different conventions for the cable keying and sometimes one side needs to be rotated 180° so that the key doesn’t fit. Look for “pin 1” on both sides if possible, or otherwise trace the connections to see whether this problem is impacting you.

Hey, so I am using a panel adapter for my panel and testing that the 5V and ground was at the right place on EXP1. They look to be in the correct spot so I am a little hesitant to rotate the EXP1 wire but I did flip the EXP2 wire and it did not work.

Probably not the same problem then. Lots of possible other reasons I’m sure. Sorry it wasn’t that quick fix! :cry: