Quick-Change Tool Post wrench-optional nut

The top nut on my lathe’s quick-change toolpost was a normal nut that required a wrench, and I found that inconvenient. So I made my own nut that takes a handle that can be moved to six positions, but can still use a wrench just in case I over-tighten it and need a little extra help to loosen it.


Nicely done. :wrench:

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New iteration. Wrench flats are taller. Handle sockets are through instead of blind, and what you can’t see is that the bottom hides a needle bearing set so that tightening the top nut doesn’t turn the tool post. I’ve been finding that I do appreciate the ability to move the handle depending on what I’m working on. Still really only prototype quality, but that might be good enough for the forseeable future.

Prints and FreeCAD models at: