Qidi x-plus3 - tell me about 'input shaping' and 'z offset'

Hey guys, I just picked up my first 3d printer.

Unfortunatley Qidi doesn’t offer a full user manual explaining each feature in the settings so I’m left to research on my own and can’t find much.

What do each of these do? Thanks for any and all help!

Hi Josh,

QIDI printers run Klipper firmware. There are plenty of resources available on the internet for example the excellent Klipper documentation :



The printer’s UI should guide you through setting those up on first boot.

Input shaping is measuring the resonance of the system so that it can counteract the resonance.

Z offset is just telling the printer how far off the surface of the bed the nozzle is.

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Thanks guys… this is a struggle learning all this stuff but I really appreciate the pointers and help!